Benefits of Choosing a Specialist Life Insurance Broker

Benefits of Choosing a Specialist Life Insurance Broker

At Your Life Protected we are all about securing the best possible life insurance cover for people with pre-existing medical conditions. As an independent specialist life insurance broker, our mission is to scour the market and identify which insurance company will be most sympathetic to your situation. Some of the more common condition conditions we cover are listed below:

  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • COPD
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Heart  Disease
  • HIV
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Hypertension
  • Multiple  Sclerosis
  • Stroke

We often hear from customers that they have had a hard time dealing with big insurance brokers when it comes to pre-existing medical conditions. We thought it was  about time we told you how we can help you avoid these stresses.

The  common complaints we hear about those of you dealing with the larger brokerages  are:

  • High Premiums
  • Unable to Provide Cover
  • Had no understanding of my condition
  • Dealing with different people every time
  • Pushy sales techniques

Benefits of Your Life Protected

We know that you want  comprehensive life insurance cover matched to your condition and we know that  you want to keep the cost for your life insurance down too. Every day at Your  Life Protected we work hard to secure the best life insurance quotes for you. As we are  very specialised, we are able to get great rates for our customers and can also  speed up the process of obtaining life insurance cover. We are experts in these types of specialist life  insurance – it is what we do day-in-day-out. Our  ability to match your needs to the right organisation, whether this is a larger  life insurance company or a smaller niche company, is how we get you the best  deals.

If you  want to find out more about how we can help then call us on 01275 404268.

Here is a full rundown of the benefits of using Your Life Protected:

1. Great knowledge of different  insurers underwriting procedures

All Life Insurance Companies in the UK have different underwriting procedures for  different medical conditions. Knowing which insurance company will be more  sympathetic to your situation can save a great deal of time and money for you.

2. Great medical knowledge

From years  of helping people with various conditions, we have made it a priority to know  as much as we can about the conditions we cover. At Your Life Protected we engage  with charities and medical bodies to constantly expand our knowledge and  monitor the latest developments in each field.  This medical knowledge means that we can assess your medical history speedily. In turn this  allows us to give you an overview of your situation in relation to the cover  available.

3. Direct relationships with underwriters

In our  years of service we have developed direct and lasting relationships with  underwriters. This means that we know how they work and deal with them directly  to get the best cover at the best prices for you.

4. Able to compare a wide range of  insurance companies (including specialist providers)

We know  how stressful and time-consuming it can be trying to find cover that suits your  exact needs and at a competitive price. You will want to go to as many  insurance companies as possible and get quotes but this is frustrating and can ultimately  be fruitless. We do  all of this on your  behalf.

5. No Pushy Sales Techniques

Our experienced team are not interested in pressurising you –  we want to make it as easy as possible to benefit from our service and get the  cover required. We know that understanding your needs and matching them to  cover is what matters. Your Life Protected do not use any high-pressure sales  techniques.

6. Customers will have dedicated agents to deal with their application

At Your  Life Protected we will make sure that your application is dealt with by a  dedicated specialist agent. It’s best for everyone involved if you have just  one contact that knows your situation inside out and will fight to get you the  best life insurance cover.

specialist life insurance broker

7. Are able to secure cheaper prices than going direct to insurers

As  mentioned above, our relationships and knowledge of the underwriters at various  insurers means that we know how to get you the best deals. If you don’t believe  us, why not get a free quote? You can then see for yourself  and of course there is absolutely no obligation.

8. We will continue to review policies for all customers

Once we  have arranged for you the most suitable cover, the relationship does not end  there. We will continue to review your policy.   If you have an existing policy that you are not happy with then there’s  every chance we can secure you a better price for the same cover in a very  short space of time.

An Example of How Your Life  Protected Can Help You

Recently,  a client came to us exhausted and frustrated after having spent over three  months trying to secure cover with an insurance company. After listening to  their situation, getting the necessary details and asking some pertinent  questions we had a good understanding of their condition. Your Life Protected were  then able to use all of our connections with insurers and contacted a few  relevant underwriting departments. Within just one week, we had secured excellent  cover for our client.If you  would like to talk about your situation or receive a life insurance quote then  call us on 01275 404268 or fill out our free online form.

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We work with the UK's leading & specialist Life Insurance providers.

  • AIG
  • Aviva
  • Legal & General
  • Liverpool Victoria
  • Royal London
  • Scottish Widows
  • The Exeter
  • Vitality
  • Zurich
  • Guardian
  • Shepherds Friendly
  • HSBC Life

All conditions we cover:

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