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Your Life Protected is an independent brokerage which specialises in securing Life Insurance policies for people who have pre-existing medical conditions.

We deal with all of the major Life Insurance companies in the UK as well as a number of specialist organisations.  As we are experts in securing policies for people with pre-existing medical conditions, we have a great understanding of different insurers’ underwriting procedures and which providers will be most sympathetic to a specific situation.

Our staff have a wealth of knowledge about this specific area of the insurance market and the associated underwriting procedures.  We are able to assess a specific medical history very quickly and give a view of the best and worst case scenario for the cover being sought.

In many cases where there is a pre-existing medical condition, a referral from a Doctor will be sought.   We are able to help our clients manage this process quickly and easily to ensure that cover can be put in place as quickly as possible.   It is important to note that any information provided by a Doctor will not be made available to us – it is only viewed by the underwriting team at the insurer.

In addition to stand-alone Life Insurance, we also provide policies for Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection, Mortgage Protection/ Decreasing Term Assurance and Gift Inter Vivos plans.

We find that many of our customers with pre-existing medical conditions had previously been sold Life Insurance and were paying excessively high premiums.  Due to our focussed expertise and our access to some of the best rates on the market, we have been able to get customers identical policies with huge savings.

Our customers sign their insurance policies directly with the insurance companies. Our role is to help them identify the most beneficial policy for their needs and to assist in resolving any issues which arise.  Unlike some brokers, we do not charge our customers for our services.

We have an on-going commitment to our customers and are available to discuss questions regarding their policy or changes in requirements. We also regularly review the market for our customers and advise them if they can get the required level of cover more economically.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss a new policy or if you want to see how much you can save on an existing plan.  Our experienced team do not use any high-pressure sales techniques and will be happy to review your requirements with absolutely no obligation.

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Telephone Number
01275 404 268

Your Life Protected provided us with a very good quality service. Our advisor/agent was patient and polite throughout the process and gave us great Information. He listened to our needs and worked closely with us throughout to ensure we got the policy we needed. There was no hard sell and pushiness. We have come away with clarity and in full possession of the facts about our product, and we are very satisfied that we got what we asked for. We would recommend Your Life Protected and we would return for any future products we may need.

Vanessa & Joseph from Bedfordshire

"I would like to thank you very much for all your work finding myself a policy for life insurance, for long periods my wife and I thought this would never happen. We feel without your help and dedication to never giving up, we would still be without a policy to suit our budget. You and your company deserve success."

Mr & Mrs Cooper