Psoriatic Arthritis Life Insurance

If you have Psoriatic Arthritis and have tried securing Life Insurance, you may have found that insurance companies will increase your premiums due to your condition.

Your Life Protected work closely with the UK’s top Life Insurance companies, meaning we know where to look to find the right cover for people with Psoriatic Arthritis. Our aim is to help people with such pre-existing conditions to quickly and easily find the right cover, at a reasonable price.

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis, which usually develops in people who suffer with Psoriasis,  is a condition which can cause joints to become inflamed and painful. Symptoms can get progressively worse over time if untreated, and in severe cases, permanent damage may be caused to joints.

Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatories to help manage the pain and inflammation. But in certain cases, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (such as Leflunomide, Methotrexate or Sulfasalazine) may be recommended. People who are taking these stronger medications are more likely to see insurers offering higher, non-standard premiums.

Life Insurance with Psoriatic Arthritis

If Psoriatic Arthritis is the only health condition you suffer with and your symptoms are mild, you may not notice much of an increase in your premiums. As a rule of thumb, the more severe the condition, the higher the premiums you will pay on your Life Insurance.

We will need to gain a broader picture of your overall health, as well as the specifics of your condition, before providing you with a quote.

During your application we ask you questions, including:

  • How long it has been since you were diagnosed
  • How well you are able to manage your condition
  • Whether you have had surgery
  • What types of medication you are taking (if any)
  • Whether you have experienced any complications
  • If you have any other health conditions

If the insurer requires more information about your Psoriatic Arthritis, they may request a copy of your medical records. If this is the case, we will arrange for the insurers to contact your GP on your behalf to obtain the necessary documents, at no cost to you.

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If you have Psoriatic Arthritis and would like to get a quote for Life Insurance, give our friendly experts a call or submit a quote request online. We look forward to helping you secure the perfect cover at the right price.

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