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Obesity and Life Insurance

Being obese can make it hard to find affordable life insurance policies as premiums will be increased if you are significantly overweight. There are a number of reasons for this and different insurance companies have their own approaches.  This makes it very difficult to navigate your way around the insurance marketplace to find cover at reasonable rates.

At Your Life Protected, we specialise in securing affordable Life Insurance for people with unusual conditions including Obesity.

There are a number of reasons why you may find your policy cost increased or find yourself currently paying too much if you suffer from obesity.

How does Obesity Impact Life Insurance Costs?

The term “obese” is used to describe someone who is very overweight and has a very high level of body fat. Today, the process of determining whether someone is overweight is by calculating their Body Mass Index (BMI). This is done by dividing your weight by your height.  The chart below shows the BMI ranges:


Underweight BMI

Normal BMI



Morbidly Obese

Under 17

18 – 25

25 – 30

30 – 40

Over 40

To find out your BMI click on the following link

There are many associated risks and medical complications related to being Obese or overweight that include type 2 diabetes, heart disease and depression among others. It is because of these risks that Life Insurance companies apply increased levels of premium to applicants who are considered Obese.

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If you have found that your premiums have been increased or even a policy declined because of being overweight or obese, we may be able to help. At Your Life Protected we understand the underwriting procedures related to obesity life insurance which allows us to quickly identify which insurance company is best for you, taking into account your unique case.

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