Hypercholesterolemia Life Insurance

High Cholesterol Life Insurance

Hypercholesterolemia, or High Cholesterol, is medical condition that can often result in increased life insurance premiums. Most people who suffer from the condition are still able to secure cover, but the amount of time since your diagnosis and the severity of your symptoms will play a part in determining the amount that you will have to pay.

Hypercholesterolemia is a condition where an individual suffers with high levels of blood cholesterol. It can often develop as a result of unhealthy diet and lifestyle but can also frequently just happen for no obvious reason.  While it may not cause any major problems in the short term, a raised cholesterol level over time increases risks – in particular for heart disease and stroke.

What impact will high Cholesterol have on Life Insurance premiums?

Depending on your Cholesterol levels and a number of other factors such as your age,  Life Insurance companies may be happy to provide cover at normal premium levels or they may want to apply an increase.  Each Life Insurance provider will follow its own set of rules and some will be more lenient than others.

Typically, Insurance companies will want to know your Cholesterol levels along with details of any treatment you are having before arriving at a decision.

To find out more about Cholesterol and Hypercholesterolemia, visit the pages on the NHS site.

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The fact that each insurer will respond to your condition differently means that the prices you are will receive when shopping around are likely to vary hugely. This makes it difficult and time consuming to find affordable cover.

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