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Asthma Life Insurance

If you have Asthma, you may find that life insurance companies take this into consideration when calculating your premium. The length of time you have suffered, the severity of the condition and whether you have experienced further health complications as a result of Asthma will be questioned, and the impact on the cost of life insurance will vary vastly depending on these factors.

What impact does Asthma have on Life Insurance?

If you are looking to secure a life insurance policy and you suffer from Asthma, the insurers will need to ask you a number of specific questions to determine the severity of the condition. The following are some of the questions you will be asked and it makes sense to have the details at hand:

  • When were you diagnosed with asthma?
  • How often do you have symptoms?
  • Have you been admitted to hospital in the last 2 years for asthma?
  • When did you last have an asthma attack?

Not everyone that suffers from Asthma experiences the same symptoms. The below animation from the NHS choices provides a good overview of the condition:

How can I minimise Asthma life insurance premiums?

Smoking is a huge contributory factor to increased life insurance premiums, even if you do not suffer from Asthma. If you want to ensure costs are kept to a minimum, giving up smoking is a must. It’s important to note that you are only considered a non-smoker if you have not smoked or used nicotine replacement products in the past 12 months.

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