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Over 50’s

Over 50’s

Over 50’s Life Insurance

Over 50’s Life Insurance plans are a great way of providing a guaranteed lump sum payment on death. For many people with medical conditions, Level Term and Whole of Life policies can be either very expensive or impossible to secure. This is where the over 50’s plan come in. Unlike all other Life Insurance policies in the UK, Over 50’s plans do not require any medical information – essentially life insurance without a medical.

Key Features of our life insurance for over 50 plan:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance
  • No Medical Examination
  • Fixed Premiums
  • Guaranteed Lump Sum Payable on Death
  • Accidental Death Included
  • Serious Illness Cover Included
  • Terminal Illness Cover Included

We have put together a few examples of how much cover you could secure depending on your age:

Premium £15 £25 £35 £45 £55
Age 50 £6,783 £11,698 £16,613 £21,528 £26,441
Age 60 £3,788 £6,534 £9,279 £12,024 £14,769
Age 70 £1,713 £2,955 £4,195 £5,436 £6,677

(All figures are based on non-smokers rates)

As you can see from the figures above, the younger you are when you take out an over 50’s plan, the more cover you will get for your money.

Previously when you take out life insurance for the over 50s; you would have to survive for at least 2 years before being eligible to claim on your policy. Here at Your Life Protected, we are able to secure over 50s life insurance policies that will pay out 150% of your premiums if a claim was made within the first 2 years, making sure that you have at least some return on the premiums you have paid.

If you would like to find out more about an Over 50’s Life Insurance policy and how you could apply simply click Get a Quote or give us a call.

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