Diabetic Life Insurance

If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes and are looking to secure diabetic life insurance for the first time then you’ll be wondering about the process and what you need to know. It is important to be organised to make the process as simple as possible. You may need to confirm some details with your doctor regarding your diabetes so that you are fully prepared.

Life insurance for diabetics differs from other life insurance policies as it is based on your diabetes and how you manage your condition. You will be asked a range of questions in order to determine your diabetic insurance premium. To save you time and make the process as stress free as possible it is a good idea to have all the necessary information to hand.

What questions will I be asked about my diabetes?

Here are some of the questions you will often be asked before being able to take out Diabetic Life Insurance:

  • Type of Diabetes e.g. (Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational)
  • Date of Diagnosis
  • Medication e.g. Insulin/Metformin
  • If you have had any Hypo’s (Hypoglycaemic Attacks)
  • Any diabetic eye complications?
  • If you have had protein or albumin in your urine
  • Your most recent HbA1c Reading and date taken
  • Any foot ulcers? Or circulation problems?

This list of questions will give life insurance providers a good indication of how well controlled your Diabetes is which is essential in setting a premium for life insurance with diabetes.

Life Insurance for Diabetics

The people who typically get the most preferential rates are those who have had no complications, and keep their diabetes well controlled.

If you have experienced complications in the past such as diabetic retinopathy or cardiac involvement you may end up paying more for your policy, so knowing which insurance providers to approach is crucial.

Getting the best diabetic life insurance rates can often be like getting the best premium on your car insurance. For example, many car insurance companies will offer much better rates to younger people where as others will be much more expensive.

In the life insurance world some insurance companies will be much more expensive for people with diabetes compared to others. At Your Life Protected, we use our insider knowledge as a specialist diabetes life insurer to approach the most favourable insurance companies on your behalf and use our knowledge to secure the best cover.

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