Blue Christmas: Bristol Man Dyes Hair for Diabetes Charity

Bristol man Simon Chilcott has undergone a radical change of hair colour to raise money for charity.

Simon, who has Type 1 diabetes, had his hair dyed electric blue at the start of December and plans to keep it for the whole month in a fundraising effort for Diabetes UK.

When we asked about his motivations, Simon said: “I did it because I can. Because I was challenged. Because it’s fun. It spreads awareness and promotes the charity. I am still deciding on whether or not to have matching nails!”

The charity Diabetes UK has particular personal significance  to Simon, having helped him through some tough times with his own diabetes.

“I personally owe them a great deal,” Simon explains.

“This amazing organisation has supported me through some very difficult experiences during  the last few years. Diabetes directly or indirectly affects most people and this organisation funds research and offers physical and psychological assistance to people living with the consequences of the condition.”


diabetes fundraising idea blue hair


Simon was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1982 at the age  of 14. The onset of the condition was fairly typical for childhood diabetes.

“First was a trauma,  in this case a completely unrelated surgical intervention. Second, was a period  of time during the recovery phase of the surgery where I suffered dramatic  weight loss, chronic fatigue and an unresolvable thirst.  Finally,  diagnosis – hospital admission and treatment for ketoacidosis. Since Diagnosis  I have relied on subcutaneous insulin, initially using multiple daily  injections and latterly infusion pump therapy.”

Having made the decision to go blue, Simon attempted dying  his hair at home with disastrous results. Thankfully, Head Case Hairdressers in Hucclecote,  Gloucester were on hand and kindly offered their services free of charge in support of Simon and his cause.

As well as raising funds, Simon hopes that his dramatic  locks will help increase awareness of Type 1 Diabetes and assist Diabetes UK in  their mission to improve services.

“Diabetes UK is working tirelessly to improve (or in some  cases stall the decline) of NHS services in the hope that they can improve  outcomes for people with the condition,” Simon states.

“It is a sad fact that the UK needs to do much better when  it comes to the prevention, diagnosis and early treatment of diabetes and the  resulting complications. These include sight problems, amputations, stroke,  kidney disease, heart disease, neuropathy and many others.”

Initially, Simon set out with a goal to raise a few hundred  pounds for the charity, stating in an email to colleagues: “If I dye my hair  blue, raise a smile and raise a few hundred pounds for Diabetes UK I will have  a very happy Christmas!” The support has been overwhelming and Simon has  already raised over £2000. It promises to be a very, very happy Christmas  indeed.

If you would like to contribute to Simon’s fundraising  effort, please do so here:

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